Trip the Ark Fantastic’ is a 2D story-driven adventure set in the Animal Kingdom, a fable world filled with alluring vistas, colorful characters and, unexpectedly, scholarly debates.

You are Charles, a hedgehog scholar with a mission. You and your companions will embark on a journey of discovery into the far, unexplored reaches of the world. It is the King’s hope that you will be able to prove the existence of the “Ark”, a mythical vessel that has always formed the basis of the kings’ right to rule, and thus stop the brewing civil war.


Meet the Characters

~ Charles ~

Charles is one of the Kingdom’s finest scholars and enjoys his time alone while submerging himself in one of his latest experiments. That is until the King calls upon him to go on an expedition to find the mysterious Ark. During this journey he will be torn apart between his firm dedication to unveiling the truth and his sense of duty towards the Throne.

~ Philippe ~

Witty, sarcastic and shrewd, Philippe might not sit well with everyone, but gets the job done. When he’s not busy checking up on his “contacts”, he enjoys a good philosophical discussion with Charles while enjoying some of his favorite tobacco.

~ André ~

Despite coming from a rich family, André decided to join the military. As one of the most loyal members of the Royal Guard, the King tasked him with keeping Charles safe during this potentially perilous mission.

~ King Lav ~

After having deposed of his tyrannical older brother, Lav ruled with much lenience and compassion. However, this benign rule has made the animals more open to new ideas. Belief in the order of things is waning and this scares Lav. His hope is that finding the mythical Ark will firmly put the other animals back in their place.


~ Exploration ~

Lead perilous expeditions through the unexplored reaches beyond the Animal Kingdom and fill in the blanks on the map with ancient temples and lost cities.

Resources are limited, and thus the player should find the shortest route to reach the more distant locations, like using the flow of fast rivers to traverse great distances with ease.


During the course of the game, the player will be presented with various mysteries and tasks. Here are just some of the ways in which they might be resolved!

~ Scientific Equipment ~

A picture is worth a thousand words, so taking a photograph is often the most compelling evidence. But the camera is just one of many tools at the player’s disposal!

~ Languages ~

Sometimes, the player will need to question other animals for more clues. However, not all animals speak the common tongue, so becoming fluent in the local language goes a long way towards solving the mystery at hand.

~ Research ~

Sifting through the archives of the local library can reveal some important clues as well. Investigating the location of the hidden Parrot Enclave? Maybe check out the logs of the explorer’s guild!

~ Reporting ~

Once the evidence is found, it’s time for the player to let the whole world know – report the findings in the latest entry of the Kingdom’s newspaper.

The evidence provided will sway the public’s opinion about his work and consequently on the way animals think about their world. But remember:

strong claims require strong evidence!

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Meet the Team!

Aleksandar Gavrilovic
Project Manager

CEO of Gamechuck with years of experience in writing, coding and game design with various award winning and critically acclaimed games in his portfolio.

Piet Bronders
Lead Developer

Piet has developed several games and tools for the open source Godot engine and is currently wrapping up his PhD in Electronics and Information Technology

Zlatko Drusko
Concept Artist

A veteran of illustration and comics, known for his work on various children's maps including World Map, Animal Map and many others. He has recently turned his attention to the digital medium after a successful Kickstarter campaign for Werewolf playing cards for which he is the main artist.

Julia Metzger
Additional Art

Experienced illustrator from Germany who has worked on various games for Goodgame Studios and Ulisses Spiele as well as being an artist for the successful Deponia video-game series for Daedalic Entertainment.

Sanja Kolaj
Background Artist

Experienced background artist who has worked on numerous animated films including "Magicians Hat", "Lapitch the little Shoemaker", "Christmas Fairy Tale", etc. and more recently on the documentary "Brilliant Moon" and an interactive children's book "Castle of Nightmares"

Jan Juracic
Lead Writer

A Master of Creative Writing from Brunel University London, he has published a book of short stories "Brunelleschi, don't leave me stranded" and wrote the dialogue for the Humble Bundle Original video-game "vApe Escape".

Ivana Radic
2D Animator

Ivana has worked on a variety of award-winning animations including those for the documentary Chris the Swiss which debuted on Cannes 2018. Her own animated short "Misplaced Memories" was featured on Animafest Zagreb in June 2019.

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