Trip the Ark Fantastic

Trip the Ark Fantastic is a roleplaying adventure with gameplay influenced by the scientific method – quests are solved by publishing reports, and reputation is gained or lost by the peer review of your fellow scholars, based on the strength of your clues and conclusions.

The art is inspired by the golden age of classical animation which means it is all done manually and animated frame-by-frame, and the music takes cues from Wagnerian operas by using thematic leitmotifs and tonal bridges instead of musical layering.

The story is inspired by modern fables such as Animal Farm and Watership Down, and explores the interesting relationship between religion, science, and political power.

In the game you play as Charles, a scholar on a mission to prove the Ark Fantastic, an ancient creation myth of the Animal Kingdom. With dissent brewing in the kingdom, your answers might put the legitimacy of kings at stake, and with that – change the shape of society.


Meet the Team!

The game is developed in a unionised game development company with starch anti-crunch rules and equal pay for all employees. The game is created by relying on open-source software such as Godot Engine, Krita and Ink, all of whom the company helps fund and/or develop. Our previous games include several award-winning interactive comics, as well as Speed Limit: an ode to retro gaming available on both current and next-gen consoles.

Aleksandar Gavrilovic
Project Manager

CEO of Gamechuck with years of experience in writing, coding and game design with various award winning and critically acclaimed games in his portfolio.

Piet Bronders
Lead Developer

Piet has developed several games and tools for the open source Godot engine and is currently wrapping up his PhD in Electronics and Information Technology.

Jan Juracic
Lead Writer

A Master of Creative Writing from Brunel University London, he has published a book of short stories "Brunelleschi, don't leave me stranded" and wrote the dialogue for the Humble Bundle Original video-game "vApe Escape".

Zlatko Drusko
Concept Artist

A veteran of illustration and comics, known for his work on various children's maps including World Map, Animal Map and many others. He has recently turned his attention to the digital medium after a successful Kickstarter campaign for Werewolf playing cards for which he is the main artist.

Julia Metzger
Additional Art

Experienced illustrator from Germany who has worked on various games for Goodgame Studios and Ulisses Spiele as well as being an artist for the successful Deponia video-game series for Daedalic Entertainment.

Sanja Kolaj
Background Artist

Experienced background artist who has worked on numerous animated films including "Magicians Hat", "Lapitch the little Shoemaker", "Christmas Fairy Tale", etc. and more recently on the documentary "Brilliant Moon" and an interactive children's book "Castle of Nightmares"

Serena Vanic
Character Artist
As the youngest member of our team Serena has just finished a bachelor's degree of economics in Rijeka, but decided to pursue a career developing video games instead. She's a self-taught artist, casual gamer and an active game jam goer.
Ivana Radic
2D Animator

Ivana has worked on a variety of award-winning animations including those for the documentary Chris the Swiss which debuted on Cannes 2018. Her own animated short "Misplaced Memories" was featured on Animafest Zagreb in June 2019.

Fenton Hutson
A graduate in Composition from the Royal Northern College of Music. He has composed for numerous professional orchestras and ensembles and has had his music performed around the UK, and received various prestigious awards including the Ralph Vaughan Williams award.
Matija Malatestinic
Sound Designer
Matija is Gamechuck's sound designer, born in Rijeka, and currently living in Zagreb. He used to work as a school teacher, but following a collaboration with Gamechuck that lasted a few years, Matija scored a full-time job. Writes and plays his own music, and especially loves death metal, mathcore and similar.
Lucija Pilic
Public Relations
Journalist & PR Manager with over a decade of experience in leading gaming and tech media (Reboot, VIDI, Netokracija) in the Adriatic region
Igor Gajic
Marketing & Community Management
With a vast experience in IT journalism, Igor has steered towards marketing. Previously worked at several Croatian gaming studios, Igor is now Gamechuck's marketing guy and community manager.

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