How we make music for Ark Fantastic (Part One)

How we make music for Trip the Ark Fantastic

This is how we make music for Ark Fantastic (Part One)

Following our previous development diary posts about how we make sounds and design characters for Trip the Ark Fantastic, we are continuing with – music!

This time, meet our esteemed composer, Fenton, who agreed to work with us on our ambitious title. Go, go, go Fenton!

Who is Fenton Hutson?

My name is Fenton Hutson, and I am the composer for Trip the Ark Fantastic. I’m from the U.K. and I currently live and work in Manchester, England.

Throughout my life, I have always been involved in music in some way. As a kid I was performing in bands and writing songs; during my college years I was creating solo records and recording my own ensembles, then in my undergraduate degree I started writing music for friends video games and films, producing surround sound electronic projects and creating multi-sound installations.

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