What other games are we cooking?

What other games are we cooking?

As you probably know, Trip the Ark Fantastic is being developed by Gamechuck. Since it’s going to be a long time till we release this juggernaut of an RPG, we invite you to try out our other games:

Our first video game (All You Can Eat) is on sale till next Thursday! So be sure to grab it for a measly 50 cents and enjoy the half an hour of lighthearted comedy / point-and-click adventure!

And if you liked the interactive comic format of All You Can Eat, we also have a free game in the same style, written by Jan, the lead writer of Ark. The game is a science-fiction comedy called vApe Escape and was available as a Humble Bundle Original in 2018, but is now free on Steam.

If point-and-click adventures aren’t your thing, we have also released a free demo of our retro action game Speed Limit a few weeks ago, so check that out too:

And if you’re more into something quick and casual, we have a few free mobile games as well on Android and iOS. We can recommend the simulation of the Alka festivities in Croatia. The tutorial is in Croatian but you’ll figure it out, just keep tapping to gain speed and then attempt to hit the alka with the spear:

Screenshot Image

There are several other games out there with the Gamechuck trademark, and many more coming this year and the next, so if you’re too impatient for Trip the Ark Fantastic, there’s always something to do!

For example, you can always follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Discord or sign up to our newsletter!

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