ARK-itecture of Pride

ARK-itecture of Pride

When designing the capital, we decided to dig deep into minutiae, not only how to separate the city into quarters but also adding some architectural details that would involve the player more into the world.

This is a feeling people usually get when they enter a new city for the first time – it’s not only interesting because of the strange people and language, but even the buildings have a history and design that is strange and enticing. To emulate this, we decided to add a bit of folklore to the architecture, and here’s one part of it.

Sketch: a piece of Pride

Pride is the capital of the Animal Kingdom, and before that it was the old summer home of the lions. By myth, it was the first place the animals inhabited when the floods subsided.

Many believe that when the Ark was marooned after the flood, the animals used small ships to sail to the nearest coast and the first buildings that were built were made of those boat parts. That is the common wisdom behind a very peculiar architectural curiosity of Pride – many of the town’s buildings have rooftops that look like hulls of boats turned over backwards!
A fancy cafe in Pride where Charles will drink his favourite drink: tea with frof on top.

Of course, the entire city has been built and rebuilt over the many centuries that have passed since the flood, due to fires mostly (wood be like that) but other accidents as well. However, the poshest citizens still swear that their rooftops were made from the original barges of the Ark. Such is the claim of the Tiger duke for his summer villa:

Poshest villa in poshville

Of course not all buildings have it. Some more serious institutions prefer not catering to this story as they believe such petty folklore diminishes the Ark myth in general.

The Bank of the Kingdom (right) is a notable example of a building that doesn’t follow the Pride architectural rules, instead going for a neo-classical approach to architecture as was custom in Blackbark before the war.

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