Kings of the Animal Kingdom: King Lav

This is the last Ark Lore about the line of kings, and ends with the current king. That would be King Lav the Rebel who deposed the Tyrant King Leopold.

During King Leopold, many animals saw their wealth and health diminish in newlyfound harsh industrial conditions. This, combined with Leopold’s cruel and non-diplomatic approach to many royal issues, led to a bloody rebellion. Leopold was finally deposed in a rebellion led by his younger brother, prince Lav 30 years ago today.

Lav, the current king

Lav is referred to in modern accounts as The Rebel King. He rolled back many of the authoritarian decisions created by his brother. He sought to rebuild the kingdom in ideas of enlightenment and freedom. In his 30 years in power, he has already funded massive projects such as public schools and hospitals. He also funded royal medics sent to take care of the workers in the mines and industries of the kingdom. As beloved as he is for his reforms, Lav is now in a difficult situation. Many animals think reform is coming too little and too late… For years there have been whispers of reforming the monarchy. As these whispers become louder and louder, Lav is finding himself in a very difficult situation.

Lav is a shrewd diplomat and has kept these dangers at bay, but he is growing old. He fears that when his cub Otto succeeds the Throne, he will be too inexperienced to prevent the brewing unrest. In this difficult time, he sends to you, Charles the hedgehog, to help him secure his hold on the monarchy. In modern times it is widely known that the ark wreckage found in Michaëls time was a fake. However, it is the king’s hope that if a scholar of your reputation were to find the real ark, this would again appease unrest and usher in much needed peace for his son Otto.

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