Impact of the Ark Myth on Society

Impact of the Ark Myth on Society

How does the Ark Fantastic relate to the Animal Kingdom? Why is it central to their society and our game? Well, the entire caste system of the Animal Kingdom is derived from the ancient Ark myth. Let’s briefly go over it again:

In the past, there was a flood and an ark housed all the animals whose ancestors are alive today. The journey to stay alive on the ark during the flood was perilous, but possible due to the guidance of the lions.

The other noble cats ruled over wings of the ark, the steward animals kept peace aboard the ark, the commoners were the hardworking animals who kept the ark afloat, and the vermin were the no-good scoundrels who didn’t do anything right. Once the flood subsided, the ark reached land and animals spilled forth and formed what is now known as the Animal Kingdom.

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Dabrovit, the key figure of the Commoner Caste


The story about Dabrovit

The history books are full of royals and nobles, as these castes are the ones ruling over the Kingdom and generally believed to be deciding the course of history. So it is interesting to discuss the most famous historical figures from the commoner caste – Dabrovit.

Born in The Dams to a wealthy family

Dabrovit was born in The Dams to a wealthy family of beaver woodworkers. His father Drvovit was an engineer well versed in woodwork and the science of lumber. He was so good at it in fact, that the bear owner of the lumber mill almost never interfered with him. To young Dabrovit, and others living there, it might seem that the Dam was run by him. And to keep on top of the newest developments in the industry, Drvovit had many books imported from the nearby capital to study and keep informed. As the oldest son, Dabrovit was expected to continue his father’s legacy and was given all the books and papers to read and research.

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So we went to GodotCon 2020 and it was awesome

So we went to GodotCon 2020 and it was awesome

Yes, it was that magical time of the year when everyone’s happy and gathered around to share merry thoughts and fun stories. We are of course talking about GodotCon 2020!

Gamechuck was there, too, in the form of the two of our awesome employees; Piet Bronders and Karlo Koscal, and both are programmers.

We have sat down with Karlo when he got back home to ask him about their trip fantastic (get it, get it) to GodotCon and the experience he remembers.

So Karlo, tell us, why in the world did we attend GodotCon?

Well, glad you asked! We have attended GodotCon Brussels 2020 to meet with other users of Godot, exchange contacts, showcase projects, and get people to know about Gamechuck. Also to hang out with coworker Piet and see a bit of the city since this was my first plane trip outside Croatia ever!

Meet Karlo, our celebrity Gamechuck programmer.
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Science and Technology in the Kingdom

Science and Technology in Animal Kingdom

Science and technology in the Animal Kingdom

As the game begins, the Animal Kingdom is far from its humble animalistic beginnings. It’s a brewing civilisation on the very beginnings of the industrial revolution and (possibly) a social revolution as well.


As for science and the scientific method, it has been steadily advancing since at least King Valent. However, in the Animal Kingdom, there is no difference between science, engineering, history, and other intellectual pursuits – all thinkers are called “Scholars”, whether they are scholars of botany or scholars of machinery or scholars of the Ark myth.

You play the game as Charles, one such scholar of the Kingdom. A botanist by trade and son of the famed scholar Herbert, you have always been in the spotlight which you’d rather avoid. Here’s a peek at Charles’ lab:

Our protagonist Charles is a botanist, and gained fame after he invented an indoor plant irrigation system, more commonly used in the kingdom as – the shower!
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Fantastic Game Jammin’

Fantastic Game Jammin’

It’s a busy week behind Gamechuck as we go forward in the Trip the Ark Fantastic production. But before we give you a sneak peek of what’s coming for our game, we are really excited to show you what we’ve been up to!

Gamechuck on Global Game Jam

Our team has participated in a 48-hour long Global Game Jam on two locations simultaneously!

Having fun at Global Game Jams in Novska and Rijeka.

Objavljuje GamechuckPetak, 31. siječnja 2020.

Our 6-manned team in Novska produced Subsonic; a rather cool 3D first-person video game made in Godot engine where you’re the sole shiphand of a submarine powered by musical instruments. It’s your job to keep them in tune and bring music to the ocean’s depths.

You can download the game on for Windows and Linux.

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The Burrows

Pride, the capital city of the Kingdom

“Sometimes I think, Charles, what’s the point of living underground if you can’t put your head under a rock and ignore the jibber-jabber from the Capital?”

The Burrows

The burrows is where we start the game. Here in this quaint little mining town, our protagonist (Charles, the hedgehog scholar) has his lab.

This is an early map we’ve made to showcase where the first part of the first act takes place, close to the capital city Pride:
We’ve made this map using the cool freeware program Inkarnate which is really cool if you are running DnD campaigns or just need to make some cool reference maps for your upcoming RPG masterpiece (like us)

It’s in the introverts goldilocks zone: far enough from the capital to be left alone by pesky colleagues but close enough so he can get his hands on all the latest scientific equipment on a whim.

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Kings of the Animal Kingdom: King Lav

This is the last Ark Lore about the line of kings, and ends with the current king. That would be King Lav the Rebel who deposed the Tyrant King Leopold.

During King Leopold, many animals saw their wealth and health diminish in newlyfound harsh industrial conditions. This, combined with Leopold’s cruel and non-diplomatic approach to many royal issues, led to a bloody rebellion. Leopold was finally deposed in a rebellion led by his younger brother, prince Lav 30 years ago today.

Lav, the current king
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Kings of the Animal Kingdom: King Leonard

King Leonard the Wise

In the past few weeks, we spoke of many kings. There was Vincent, the beloved Explorer king. Before him, there was Valent, the scholar king tutored by master Dabrovit. Before Valent, there was Michaël, the king obsessed with the ark. Leonard, on the other hand, had no ambition towards exploration nor science nor mythology.

Known in the Kingdom as Leo the Wise, he focused on Making Things Work. In his reign, all parts of the Kingdom were developed and connected. Leo oversaw the implementation of intricate systems of sharing goods and information across the Kingdom.

He funded the bastions of modern civilisation such as the Elephant Transportation Company and the royal newspapers. The printing press was brought to every major city of the Kingdom, and, after the steam engine was built.

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Kings of the Animal Kingdom: King Leopold

Kings of the Animal Kingdom: Leopold the Tyrant

Leonard’s son Leopold started off his reign as a direct continuation of his father’s footsteps as King. However, his main preoccupation soon had to shift to stability and centralisation of power in the Kingdom.

The steam engine changed much of the industrial landscape of the Kingdom… This, along with the vast resources coming from the newly discovered colony, all gave rise to new powers. Not all of these new powers were satisfied with their newfound wealth, and some wished to secure even more power.

Add the proliferation of the press, and you have a Kingdom filled with various ideas. These ideas, when left unchecked, could unravel the Kingdom itself. This is perhaps what Leopold feared most- the undoing of his predecessor’s life’s work.

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