Gamechuck at Indie Arena Booth!

Gamechuck at Indie Arena Booth!

Even though there aren’t any physical conferences lately due to issues, there is going to be one this year! It’s even going to have booths – virtual booths! And Gamechuck has a virtual booth on it:

Here’s a sneak peak of one part of the booth with a large (plasma?) tv and arcade showcasing our upcoming title Speed Limit.

It’s the Indie Arena Booth, and you can see the Gamechuck page on IAB here for our game Speed Limit, but to take a virtual walk on the booth itself, you’ll have to wait for 27th of August when the event starts!

In case you didn’t know, IAB is an interactive digital place with a festival flair where independent game developers showcase their games. They attended multiple conventions in 2019, including gamescom and MAG Erfurt. Their mission is giving the best opportunities to reach an audience and publishers for indie devs (like us).

Here’s a trailer for the IAB, :

Great trailer full of great games!

Hope to “see” you there! Till then, jump on our Discord for some virtual hanging out as well!

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