Guest blog: Support Saint Kotar on Kickstarter!

Guest blog: Support Saint Kotar on Kickstarter!

Hello, mighty community of Trip the Ark Fantastic! You really are something special, you are following a fantastic project!

I’m Marko, the CEO of Red Martyr Entertainment. Just like Gamechuck, we are also from Croatia. Although, we are on the coastline, in Pula, and the guys and girls from Gamechuck couldn’t be more jealous of us. They just don’t want to admit it.

I’m also the game director, writer and narrative designer of Saint Kotar, a psychological horror point & click adventure.

Saint Kotar latest trailer

Not to worry, the focus is on the psychological side, not the horror side, and the story actually has many other genres as well: detective, mystery, crime and drama.

The interesting thing about Saint Kotar is that its story takes place in Gorski kotar, a mountain region of Croatia. A beautiful and mysterious region and a perfect setting for our game which recounts a tale plagued by macabre murders and strange phenomena, allegedly related to devil worship and witchcraft.

Saint Kotar screenshot

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What’s also interesting is that the Saint Kotar’s prologue was released a week ago. It is completely free, offers 2 to 3 hours of gameplay time, it is fully voiced and localized into multiple languages. Players are giving very positive review ratings on Steam!

And here comes the sad truth: Red Martyr Entertainment needs more funds to develop the rest of the full game Saint Kotar.

Saint Kotar screenshot

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We turned to Kickstarter for that matter, and the campaign was launched on the same day of the prologue’s release. Right now the project is 33% funded, with over 400 backers, but we need more people to come aboard and get the word out. Consider backing us:

Also, don’t forget to continue following this great devblog! The Gamechuck team is doing a great job and they deserve to be supported as well.

Stay safe!

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