MEDIA support received!

MEDIA support received!

Our project has just received support from the Creative Europe MEDIA fund of the European union. As such, we are the first project from Croatia to have received this fund. Full details as well as other selected games can be checked on this link:

This comes as great news since we put in a lot of effort into writing this grant – meticulous details regarding finance, timetables and similar need to be provided, and only projects which are awarded enough points are eligible to receive the grant.

These are some of the excerpts that the European Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency had to say about the game in its review:

“The application presents a fully story-driven game, where a number of original mechanics are described, such as learning animal languages or carrying out academic research in the library.”

“The proposal highlights very well the innovative aspects of the game, such as learning animal languages and the detective elements of the game.”

As we can soon start working on the project, more constant updates can be expected, and in the meantime we will write in more detail about the team behind the game as well as other things that might interest our fans.

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