Our favourite TV shows

Our favourite TV shows

The quarantine may have been lifted in some countries, and you (yes, you) might still be stuck at home thinking what to do next. Not in that situation? Worry not, because what we have in store in this blog article, is for everyone, because… TV shows can be watched at any time, anywhere, even when you’re commuting to work while staying as far as you can from that guy with a runny nose who keeps leaning onto you.

If you’re still reading all those books we have recommended before, keep reading! Those TV shows, well, probably won’t go away anywhere (even though some TV shows do tend to disappear from some streaming services).

Igor Gajic

Igor is Gamechuck’s marketing and community manager, with a large experience in IT and gaming journalism, and has previously worked for several smaller gaming studios in Croatia.

The X-Files

The X-Files will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve watched all the seasons about three times, and I will always remember those days during the 90s when you actually had to be in front of the TV in time, so you wouldn’t miss the episode. I was always excited each and every time I’ve seen that intro, while Mulder, Scully, including even Skinner and the Smoking Man will be among the most favorite characters I have ever seen on the TV screen. Sadly, those two “reboot” seasons completely ruined the dynamic and the mythology of the series.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

The Wire

Touted as one of the best crime TV shows in history, The Wire is one of those shows that make you feel like you’re watching it in one breath. Incredible characters, phenomenal plot, great pacing, and most importantly – it never fell apart in any way; which is an issue a lot of popular TV shows are often facing. Also, when I realized McNulty’s actor is BRITISH. Mind blown.

Watch it on: HBO Go, Amazon Prime

Band of Brothers

I’m quite picky when it comes to TV shows because I lose interest quite quickly. If I’m not hooked, I stop watching. That’s why e.g. Breaking Bad isn’t in my top three. But this absolute masterpiece, created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks – is. Band of Brothers is a mini-series containing the right amount of spectacle, action, drama and interesting characters, set in the Second World War.

Watch it on: HBO Go, Amazon Prime

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

Alex is the CEO of Gamechuck, and project lead of Trip the Ark Fantastic. He has years of experience in writing, coding and game design, with various award-winning and critically acclaimed projects in his portfolio, and today he is showing which three TV shows are the most favourite in his LIFE! Also, Alex is a big writer. Make sure to read his latest (rather grim) lore post about prisons and labour camps in the Animal Kingdom.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

When the omnipotent being simply called “Q” shows up to put mankind to the test and see if we’re “worthy” of sailing the stars, or if we’re still savages at heart, it is for me a great way to start off a science fiction show. When he introduces us to the (in my opinion) most interesting villain in SF – the “Borg” ,just to show us that “It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.”, the show goes from great to perfect. The Shakespeare-quoting captain (who is an actual Shakesparean actor), the Pinocchio-esque android who wishes to be human, all these characters and moments are in my opinion unsurpassed by any show before or after, SF or otherwise. The production value of each episode was unheard of for the 80s, being filmed in a movie manner with sets, prosthetics and scripts being all fine-tuned, making the show very watchable even after 40 years.

Watch it on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Twin Peaks

The show I somehow missed watching in the 90s and also for almost 30 years after its release because I believed it was some kind of boring teenage drama. How wrong I was! Rarely have I watched a show that gave me such a profound interest in its story, atmosphere, characters, the world… It inspired decades of supernatural shows such as X-Files and Lost, and redefined television standards to this day. Without spoiling things at all, I recommend just watching this show for the first time without any clue, it is an experience out of this world. To quote agent Cooper: “I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.” 

Watch it on: Amazon Prime


It is tough to choose only one of Joss Whedon’s many great shows, but I opted for Angel. What started as a trashy Anne Rice cliche of a vampire being in love with a teenage girl (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) soon got its own spin-off with a much draker tone and more adult audience. A vampire with a soul going to L.A. and trying to atone for hundreds of years of murders by stopping the machinations of the evil law firm Wolfram and Hart whose senior partners are literally the devil and who protect their wealthy demonic clients, is something we all can surely relate to. The show states the futility of our protagonists noble goal very early on, stating often in the show that nothing they do actually matters and evil always prevails, but it is still very inspiring to see them go on fighting every tuesday for five seasons, until the bitter end, which, I believe, is one of the most poignant endings in TV history.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

Piet Bronders

Piet, who came to Zagreb to work on Ark Fantastic all the way from Brussels is our lead programmer. Piet has developed several games and tools for Godot engine before, and is now working exclusively on our game, which is also based on Godot engine. Let’s see what are his favourite books. Don’t miss Piet’s latest blog on how we keep Ark Fantastic code nice, clean and updated.

The Venture Bros

While Venture Bros is a cartoon series and might therefore be dismissed by a lot of people, this series is, in my opinion, one of the best TV shows ever created. In this series we join Dr. Venture, a former child adventurer and now self-proclaimed super-scientist, and his sons (the titular bros) on their myriad adventures. Initially you might think that the doctor might be soemwhat of a decent huma being, but the show quickly makes it clear that this is a hack, only blundering his way through sheer luck and daddy’s credit. The main theme of the show is failure and boy does it deliver.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

A bunch of a-holes run a bar in the shitty part of town and we join them on their sheningans. The main characters are all mentally ill in some way or form and Danny DeVito plays a disgusting dirty old man.

Watch it on: FX Networks, Netflix, Amazon Prime

Black Adder

Rowan Atkinson at his best throughout the ages. One of the best and most consistent comedy shows ever created.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime, BBC Two

Fenton Hudson

Fenton is our UK-based part of the team, and our esteemed music composer. Fenton is a graduate in Composition from the Royal Northern College of Music, and has composed for numerous professional orchestras and ensembles. He has also received various prestigious awards, including Ralph Vaughan Williams award. Additionally, take a look at the second part of his awesome blog on how we make music for the game.

Band of Brothers

A mastercraft in TV story-telling following an incredible journey of a company of men during World War 2. It has incredible acting, intense action and drama and depicts the fears, struggles and horrors many had to face. (It also features so many famous actors in their early days before they were well known – whoever was the casting director did a brilliant job).

Watch it on: HBO Go, Amazon Prime

 Stargate SG-1

I started watching this when I was about 11 years old and it started my love of the sci-fi (if you can call it that) genre. Funny, ridiculous, cheesy, inventive plot holes and quite a bit of bad acting makes this series unforgettable for me.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime


 It’s a space-western with great characters, 90’s style action, and all-round solid writing. The fact that there was only one season is a crime against humanity itself.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

Matija Malatestinic

Matija is an interesting fellow. A former school teacher is now working as a sound designer for Gamechuck and Trip the Ark Fantastic. In his free time, he plays (and growls) for a death metal band, and usually comes to the office in t-shirts displaying beheaded people. Make sure to read Matija’s blog where he described how exactly he makes sounds for Trip the Ark Fantastic!

The Sopranos

James Gandolfini plays a mob boss that seeks psychiatric help. In this journey (Don’t Stop Believin’-pun for Sopranos fans) you get to know many faces of Tony Soprano. He is an emotional guy with strengths and weaknesses, balancing his family life and business. Every character in here has a story to tell and this show draws you in episode after episode.

I rarely watch shows and movies, but I could watch Sopranos anytime.

Watch it on: HBO Go, Amazon Prime

The Simpsons

This is my comfort show. When I’m in a bad mood I put 3-4 episodes and wait for Chief Wiggum.Works every time. It reminds me of my childhood when I watched it with my dad. Love first 10 seasons, liked seasons after.

Watch it on: Fox, Amazon Prime

Only Fools and Horses

Some of the gags in this show are classic. Even after so many reruns I still watch it even when I know the dialogs by heart. No wonder why this show is popular in balkan countries: every other house here has Derek Trotter that is willing to trade or sell anything to anyone just to make quick cash.

Watch it on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

What are your most favourite TV shows ever? Let us know in the comments below!

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