Website released!

Website released!

We finally released the website!

It’s still missing a few art-pieces (that are currently being refined), but we do hope you thoroughly enjoy the current website.

Here are some free wallpapers showcasing several parts of the game’s setting:

  • The first wallpaper shows a nice vista of one of the larger redwood trees in the Redwood Forest, which is a huge forest in which most of the animals live. This particular part of the forest is called the ‘Scurries‘ and is inhabited by a large community of squirrels. During the game, Charles will visit this community and, if the player wills it, help them deal with some of the mysteries surrounding a certain series of burglaries tormenting the poor squirrel inhabitants.

In the distance lies the ‘Aviary‘, an island unreachable by land or sea and home to most of the Kingdom’s birds. The birds maintain relative independence from the King’s laws and debates, in scholarly circles, are still very much ongoing on their exact place in the Ark mythos.

  • In the search for the Ark, Charles, Philippe, and André will have to explore and cross the uncharted jungles of the southern continent. Pushing through the jungle’s impenetrable undergrowth might not always be feasible. Using rivers and other kind of shortcuts to reach far-away places is necessary because supplies are limited.
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