The player progresses through the game by solving the Kingdom’s various problems and mysteries, but his method of solving them is a scientific one – he publishes compelling arguments in the Animal Kingdom’s scientific papers to prove his theories and disprove those of others. Only arguments with sound logic and solid evidence will have the power to sway public opinion and change the course of history. 

~ Scientific Equipment ~

The evidence itself can be found using scientific equipment (a microscope, or a chemist kit), or just taking a photograph with a camera, as sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

~ Languages ~

Sometimes, the player will need to question other animals for more clues. However, not all animals speak the common tongue, so becoming fluent in the local language goes a long way towards solving the mystery at hand.

~ Research ~

Sifting through the archives of the local library can reveal some important clues as well. Investigating the location of the hidden Parrot Enclave? Maybe check out the logs of the explorer’s guild!

~ Reporting ~

Once the evidence is found, it’s time for the player to let the whole world know – report the findings in the latest entry of the Kingdom’s newspaper.

The evidence provided will sway the public’s opinion about his work and consequently on the way animals think about their world. But remember:

strong claims require strong evidence!

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