Ark Fantastic staff recommends their favourite books

It’s still quarantine, and you somehow have to kill this boring period

So, you’re stuck at home, watching boring TV shows over and over, playing those boring games while waiting for the best RPG adventure out there (ha, see what we did there), and you’ve tried every possible recipe that contains flour. What to do… what to do? Read books, of course!

We are also in the quarantine, and while we are not working on Trip the Ark Fantastic, we are also trying our best to kill time, so, therefore, we are bringing a series of “Our favourite” which contains our favourite books, games, films and TV shows. In today’s repertoire?

Our favourite books

For this “Our favourite” blog, we have gathered six of our staff to tell us what are their favourite books in their life, and why. So if you’re looking for something great to read, look no further!

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