Worldbuilding with Nuclino

Worldbuilding with Nuclino


Ok, so if you remember December, we used it to give shout-outs to the tools we use (Ink, Godot Engine and Krita). Well, there is another tool we found in the meantime which we feel is really great not only for game-developers but also world-builders, dungeon-masters, anybody who needs to keep track of things in a wiki-fashion and quickly edit/change things, and (as in our case) collaborate on this.

So, without further ado, today we talk about Nuclino. It’s a “lightweight and collaborative wiki for all your team’s knowledge, docs, and notes.”

Beware: unlike other software we use in Gamechuck, this one is neither free nor open-source, but it is freemium, so you can try it out first with a full feature-set for a few weeks!

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